Sunday, January 11, 2015

Photos of Chapter Activities presented during lunch

Rich Tillman finds a secret message at Dune's Day!

Denis James

Jim Renfro

Phil Huxford, AgriLife Auditorium, 2004

Anna Hay at LEEP

Carol Jones

Lynne Ray

Mary Helen Israel

Oliver Osborn, Emily Osborn, at Texas A&M University, College Station (source)

Justina Dnet

Ramah O'Gorman

Sherry Summers

Connie Stolte at Sea Center Texas

Tom Collins

Gardner Campbell, Denis James

Bob Woods

Sandra Smith, Rich Tillman

Marty Cornell

Johnney Pollan

Phil Huxford instructs the class of 2006 -----------"The Cabin" at Hudson Woods Unit of San Bernard NWR

Mary Helen Israel, Carol Jones

Phil Huxford

David Heinicke, Brazos Bend State Park

David Heinicke

Gerald Forrest

Dave Brandes

At the San Bernard Oak in San Bernard NWR

Johnney Pollan

Barbara Burtkhardt

Dave Brandes, Jim Renfro.  --------------- Dave is shown presenting the award in a staged publicity photo after presenting the award during the meeting.

Jim Renfro with the certificate of the President's Call to Service Award

Certificate of President's Call to Service Award

San Bernard River on a quite day 

Elaine Crews negotiating with her kayak

Marty Cornell, Ed Barrios, Elaine Crews, Donna Graham, Jim Glover, Lew O'Gorman

Leo O'Gorman

Bob Honig, Justina Dent

Bob Long, Ed Johnson, Bette Long

Mary Helen Israel, Ruby Lewis

Ramah O'Gorman, Leo O'Gorman

Kathy Speights, Mary Holler

Don Van Dragt, Archie Pratt, Jerry Krampota

Joan Simonsen

Jean Kater, Jan Kater

Carl Dodson

Carl Dodson, Kirby Rapstein

John Thayer

Ed Barrios

Kirby Rapstein

Jerry Krampota

Peter Conaty, John Thayer, Gerald Forrest

Entrance gate to Peach Point Wildlife Management Area, Jones Creek ------------ Now known as Justin Hurst Wildlife Management Area.

Carolyn May-Monie, Dianne Richmond, Jerry Krampots

Kirby Rapstein, Carl Dodson, Ed Barrios

Joan Simonsen

Mike Lange, Dave Brandes

Phil Huxford

Sandy Henderson

Roy Morgan

Pam West, Mickey Dufilho, Monica Krancevic

Bill Brown

Carole Wenny

Carole Wenny

Jerry Eppner

Ron Bisbee, Ed Barrios, John Marshall

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